Knockout Productions is unique in its ability to operate across the globe. With offices in Bulgaria, India, Malaysia, UAE and UK we use our knowledge of the global market to find the best creative, financial and logistical solutions for your productions.

Script Review

A thorough script review by one of our experienced producers and a region-specific location manager is always our starting point, followed by an in-depth discussion with your Director to compile a detailed brief.

Location Sourcing

Having the resources of a global network means we have no location bias.  Our extensive, varied and compelling database provides global filming solutions and, following the script review, we present our initial ‘look book’ accompanied by a financial review.

Having delivered high level international production projects in some of the world’s toughest territories, we are well known for finding new, never been filmed, locations as well as developing new markets and providing best pricing, efficiency and unique filming opportunities.

Financial Solutions

We specialise in advising international production companies on how to best combine governmental support (incentives, tax credits and logistics) with local production knowledge and locations.

So, no matter which territory you choose to film in, we have the latest knowledge to advice and guide you through all financial situations.  We provide comprehensive budgets based on our extensive experience in this area and with solid and influential contacts, we ensure governmental support is maximised.

Cutting through Governmental Red Tape

We gain a comprehensive understanding of the filming logistics and needs of the project to pre-empt and exhaust any red tape issues.  Political change or even diverse weather conditions are all taken into consideration and planned for.

The main reasons why we are so successful at ensuring our film projects do not get wrapped up in red tape is because our projects work positively and progressively in every territory we cover and have excellent working relationships within the local filming areas.  This ensures any potential potholes in the journey are reported to us and dealt with swiftly and efficiently before they become a problem.

Delivery of Operational Requirements

Knockout was set up in response to market demand; providing a Western interface for production companies twinned with a trusted international team who share positive work ethics and extremely high standards.  Our team and global network ensures your time is maximised, information is concrete, and we deliver exactly what is wanted.

Our producers have a minimum of 5 years of experience and our exceptional understanding of operating in developing and established markets ensures delivery at the highest standards possible.

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