The Most Cost-Effective Place to Film in the EU

28 Jun 2018

Filming in Europe is going to be expensive compared to many other parts of the world so getting the best from the production budget is a very important part of the deal.

Bulgaria may not spring to mind when you think of filming but the options in Bulgaria are simply fantastic and it is the most cost-effective place to film in the European Union.

Providing the mix of urban vs country and lush green areas vs snowy mountains, Bulgaria is the perfect location to double filming in Russia or former Soviet countries.

Bulgaria boasts one of the best studios in Europe offering backlots which double for Paris, Rome, London, New York and any other European capital city. This means multiple filming locations are minimised and turn around is effective.

With highly experienced international crews (with key expertise in SFX and stunts) and a good production infrastructure Bulgaria delivers on many different levels. Our look book can tempt you on locations and the prices will speak for themselves, so, Bulgaria deserves some serious consideration to balance your next filming budget.

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