Knockout and The Studio Park, Thailand, ‘Knock it out of the Park’.

16 Oct 2018

The joint venture between The Studio Park, Thailand, and Knockout Production Services will bring multi-million-dollar filming projects to Thailand, raising their GDP and increasing opportunities for production companies to access this emerging market.

With recent credits such as ‘Strike Back’, ‘Next of Kin’ and ‘Top Gear’ Knockout Production Services are pleased to announce the commencement of this venture with The Studio Park, a subsidiary of the listed MMS group, following the continued success Knockout Production Services has achieved in Malaysia. Knockout Production Services are constantly helping production companies to film in new territories allowing them to tell their stories in new ways with authentic and cost-effective results.

Knockout Production Services are working in Thailand to give their clients access to the up to 20%* BTL production rebate, the best crew and equipment infrastructure in South East Asia, one of the most cost-effective filming destinations in Asia, a stable political environment and inspiring and diverse locations which can accommodate large crews.  Through The Studio Park, production companies have access to 5 amazing sound stages and unbeatable pricing compared to the rest of South-East Asia. By working with Knockout Production Services, The Studio Park are expanding the range of world-class services they offer.

Opening in 2016, the state-of-the-art Studio Park comprises of 90,000sqm of purposed built film studios sound stages, over 240,000sqm. of back lot spaces located just 30km outside Bangkok.  Company Director, Khun Kiki Narapimm Sundaravej, said: “We see this joint venture with Knockout Production Services as an important part of our evolution within the market.  Offering the highest standards to clients has always been our priority and aligning ourselves with Knockout Production Services means we are enabling clients to get the best filming experience Thailand has to offer. 

This joint venture should help to build more stability within the filming infrastructure of Thailand and with this united approach, our state-of-the-art facilities catering for high-end, large scale productions, will now offer clients a complete production service.”

In Thailand the potential for filming is phenomenal.  Knockout Production Services CEO and Founder Kenton Oxley explains: “Thailand is the whole package for production companies; outstanding locations, world-class studio facilities, and the region’s best kit and crew. We can deliver projects for our clients on budgets that would be unimaginable in developed markets.

When putting the team in place for Thailand we have cherry-picked the best production talent bringing them all under one roof, providing a World-Class structure that has previously been lacking. This joint venture is a significant step towards creating a strong, sustainable filming infrastructure which is great not just for Thailand but the global film industry.”

Examples of films that have been shot in Thailand include ‘No Escape’, ‘Only God Forgives’, ‘The Hangover Part II’, ‘Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li’, ‘Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’, ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason’ and ‘The Beach’.



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