The Reasons Why Filming in Malaysia Makes sense…

10 Jul 2018

From jungle to urban sprawl, beautiful swathes of lush greenery through to dry dusty villages Malaysia deserves the filming Oscar of Asia. The versatility you get in Malaysia matches India and provides a safer option than filming in Pakistan and for your budget, how does a 70% saving on costs compared to typical spends in Europe sound?

Having worked in Malaysia for some time, we have a solid base and intricate, influential network there and we are supported by the Khazanah Group (sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia). We have a strong relationship with Pinewood Malaysia, having provided consultancy services to them for 4 years, and an efficient 30% ATL & BTL production rebate scheme exists.

Twinned with a strong crew infrastructure and diversity of architecture and population (South East Asian, Chinese and Indian) Malaysia is an attractive filming option which helps balance the books.

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